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How to JusChek COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

How to JusChek COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

The JusChek COVID-19 antigen rapid test is incredibly convenient to use and utilises saliva to screen for your COVID-19 status. However, to ensure that you get the most accurate results, it is extremely important that you carry out the right steps. Hence, let us dive into how to use it!

Before The Test:

Prior to starting your test, ensure that your test kit has not passed its expiry date. The last thing we wish is for you to perfectly go through all the steps, only to realise that the results cannot be used because the kit is no longer usable. To prevent any contamination of the sample, please do not eat, drink, or smoke in the area where the test will be performed. It is also important to not place anything in your mouth, be it food, drinks, tobacco, or gum at least 10 minutes before carrying out the test.

Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap for at least 20 seconds then check if the pouch that contains the testing device is intact. If the pouch happens to be damaged, please do not use the test kit and use a different one instead. Verify that you have all the necessary tools for the test. The kit should provide you with a test device, a buffer to keep the samples, a collection device, and a biosafety bag.

Performing The Test

  • When you are comfortable to start, remove the funnel and plastic tube and peel off the sealing on the extraction tube that contains the buffer. Then, fit the funnel onto the tube to completely assemble the specimen collecting device. 

  • Deeply cough 3-5 times.  If you are in the presence of other people, ensure to wear a face mask or cover your mouth and nose with some tissues when coughing. It would also be best to perform this test at an appropriate distance away from other people. 
  • Spit out your oral fluid gently into the funnel. 
  • On the tube, there is a scale line that marks the amount of fluid that is required. If there is an insufficient amount of fluid collected, continue spitting into the funnel until the oral fluid reaches the height of the scale line. 
  • Then, remove the used funnel and place the biosafety bag. 
  • Close the cap onto the tube then gently squeeze the tube 10-15 times. This is to ensure that solutions are mixed evenly. 

  • Then, remove the test device from the sealed foil pouch. Once it has been removed from the pouch, the test device must be used within 1 hour. For best results, the test should be performed right after the testing device has been removed from the pouch.
  • Place the test cassette on a flat surface then unscrew the small cap that is on top of the cap that seals the tube. 

  • For the next step, invert the tube to add 2 drops of the solution to the specimen well on the test device. Note that while the test cassette is developing, do not move it to avoid causing an error in the result. 
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, the test device should show the results. However, be sure to no longer interpret the results after 20 minutes. 

  • When all is done, place all the test components into the biosafety bag and pop it in the bin. 
  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and clean the area where the test was performed. 

After The Test:

The stripes on the testing device will indicate a positive, negative, or invalid result. If your result is shown to be positive, visit a COVID-19 Assessment Centre or a health clinic as soon as possible. For individuals who receive a negative result, depending on the presence of symptoms, you may need to have a check-up at a health clinic as well.  In other cases, your test result may be invalid. In such circumstances, you would be required to repeat the test after a few days. However, regardless of your result, it is mandatory to report it to the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia through the MySejahtera app.

To learn more about what to do after receiving your COVID-19 self-test results and how to report your results to MOH, visit our other articles that can provide greater insight and a step-by-step guide on reporting results through the MySejahtera app. As a parting pearl of wisdom, if ever in doubt, bring along your results to a healthcare professional to ascertain your condition.


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