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How to Use the Gmate Saliva Antigen Test Kit For Home Use

How to Use the Gmate Saliva Antigen Test Kit For Home Use

Thinking of trying out the COVID-19 Gmate Saliva antigen test kit but are unsure how to use it? Or perhaps you have your kit at the ready but have misplaced the small instruction leaflet? Fret not, we’ve got your back. 

The Gmate Saliva antigen test kit is a saliva-based test kit that is extremely easy to use. However, as with many other screening tests, it is imperative to ensure that you carry out the right steps and take note of the do’s and dont’s for more accurate results.

Before the test:

30 minutes before performing the test, ensure to rinse your mouth. During this period, please do not eat, drink or smoke. After all, this is a saliva-based tool and we wouldn’t want your tasty lunch to be the cause of an error in test results. 

When you are ready, pop open your box and check that you have 5 items at your disposal. Each box should provide you with a reagent container, a cap, a funnel, a test kit, and an instruction manual for subsequent steps. Another good tip is to not throw away the box - you may need it when performing the test. And it is always a great practice to wash your hands with soap and water before and after the test.

Performing the test:

  • First of all, ensure to remove the seal on the reagent container and connect it to the funnel. 
  • Next, fill up a quarter (¼) of the container with saliva. To prevent it from becoming a messy affair, it is best to utilise the funnel to channel the saliva into the container. 
  • Once you have obtained the necessary amount of saliva, remove the funnel and place the cap on the container. 
  • After checking that the cap is placed correctly, press the container 20 times and then shake the container another 20 times. 
  • When the pressing and shaking have been completed, use your finger to poke the box and place the container inside the hole. If by chance you had accidentally thrown away the box, you can place the container on anything that can prop it standing upright, for instance, a mug. 
  • Set the timer for 5 minutes and wait. Make yourself a cup of tea if you like!
  • After 5 minutes, open your test kit pouch. You will find your test kit looking similar to the picture below:

  • In the red circle is where you will drop your saliva sample. Take out your container with the cap. The cap has a dual function as a dropper to make the process as easy and neat as possible. 
  • Drop 4 drops into the sample well and set your timer for 15 minutes. 
  • After 15 minutes, your results should be ready!

After the test:

Based on the stripe pattern, it will indicate whether you are positive or negative. If you do get a positive result, ensure to immediately visit a COVID-19 Assessment Centre or a health clinic. For individuals who have obtained negative results, depending on the presence of symptoms, you may also be required to have a check-up at a health clinic.  In some circumstances, it may indicate that your results are invalid. In such cases, you would need to repeat the test after a few days. However, always remember that regardless of your result, you must report it to the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia via the MySejahtera app. 

To learn more about what to do after receiving your COVID-19 self-test results and how to report your results to MOH, visit our other articles that discuss it in greater depth and a step-by-step guide on reporting results through the MySejahtera app. And a good rule to go by is that whenever in doubt, bring along your results and consult a healthcare professional to ascertain your condition.


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