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How to use the Salixium Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test

How to use the Salixium Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test

The Salixium Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test utilises both the saliva and nasal swabs which results in a higher detection rate as compared to saliva or nasal swab alone. While certainly the increased accuracy is much appreciated, some people may be put off by the rather intrusive image of swabbing your nose. However, using the Salixium Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test may be much easier than expected.

Before the test:

At least 30 minutes prior to the test, avoid eating, chewing, drinking, or smoking. Ensure to prepare and clean a nice area for you to comfortably perform the test. It is best to wash your hands gently and thoroughly with water and soap to avoid contaminating your samples. And just to give an early warning, do not throw away your box - you may need it later when you perform the test. 

Once you are ready, check that the test kit’s expiration date has not passed and scan the QR code on the test kit box. This QR code is a special feature specific to the Salixium brand of COVID-19 self-tests whereby it enables every single test result to be reported, tracked, and traced through the MySejahtera and mySALIXIUM apps. If you are a new user, just head to registration on the mySALIXIUM app and fill in the required information to make an account. Once you are inside the mySALIXIUM app two options will be shown to either “Start Your Test Now” or “Genuine Check” to ensure that your self-test kit is authentic. You can either select “Start Your Test Now” or perform your “Genuine Check” first before beginning your test. 

Once you have your mySALIXIUM app all ready to go, pop open your test kit and ensure that you have the 5 components that it should provide: a foil bag, an extraction buffer tube, and dropper, disposable swabs in sterile packaging, a disposable waste bag, and a user manual. 

Performing The Test:

When you have everything set up and feel comfortable to perform the test:

  • Remove the extraction buffer tube first.
  • Press the extraction buffer tube and insert it into the tube hold provided on the top of the box. 
  • Then, remove the aluminum foil from the tube without spilling the liquid inside. 
  • Next, remove a swab from the sterile package and avoid touching the end of the swab's fabric. 
  • Collecting the saliva samples:
    • Swab the fabric tip on the inside of your left cheek - in the area between the cheeks and the gums. To ensure that you collect a sufficient amount of sample, rub it up and down 5 times. With the same swab, repeat this step on your right cheek as well for an additional 5 times.
    • With the same swab, rub left and right on the palette of your mouth another 5 times. While you are doing so, be careful that the fabric tip of the swab does not touch the tongue, teeth, and gums. 
    • Afterward, fasten the dropper cap tube tightly on the tube and insert the swab tip into the buffer.
  • Collecting the nasal samples:
    • Insert the end of a new swab gently into one of your nasal cavities, approximately 2cm deep. Be sure to not insert the swab too deeply. 
    • Rotate the swab around the inner wall of your nasal cavity for 5 times. 
    • With the same swab, repeat the same step as above on the other side of the nose. 
    • Once it is done, insert the swab tip into the buffer. 
  • Thoroughly soak both swab tips into the buffer and then stir a minimum of 10 times. 
  • Then squeeze the liquid from both swabs to collect as much of the solution as possible in the tube. 
  • Once that is done, discard the used swabs into the supplied waste bag and zip the bag.
  • Fasten the dropper cap tube tightly and mix the sample solution thoroughly. 
  • The test should be performed immediately once the sample is collected. Gently remove the test kit from the foil pouch. 
  • Then, please put the test kit on a flat and clean surface. 
  • With the cap acting as a dropper, add two drops of the sample solution into the sample well while checking that there are no air bubbles. The sample will begin to be absorbed by the strip. 
  • After dropping the sample solution, scan the QR code on the test kit to automatically start a timer to wait for 15 minutes on the mySALIXIUM app.
  • Once the 15 minutes are up, check your test results!

After The Test: 

Upon completion of the test after 15 minutes, upload a picture of the test result on the mySALIXIUM app by pressing the camera button. When you have managed to get a clear picture of the test results, press the “confirm” button. This elegant app will automatically process an image of your test results. It will also ask you for a manual selection of your result for further confirmation. A certificate will be provided for positive, negative, and invalid results. And a wonderful bonus with this test kit is that the mySALIXIUM app will automatically upload your results to the Ministry of Health Malaysia. When you no longer require the used test kit, place the used test cassette and buffer solution into the disposal bag and seal the zipper completely before placing it inside a sealed plastic bag. After tying it tightly, pop it in the bin, and you are done! Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water once more to keep yourself clean.

If you do get a positive result, immediately visit a COVID-19 Assessment Centre or a health clinic. On the other hand, if you have obtained negative results, depending on the presence of symptoms, you may also be required to have a check-up at a health clinic.

In some cases, your test results may be invalid. In this situation, you would be required to repeat the test after a few days. 

To learn more about what to do after receiving your COVID-19 self-test results, visit our other articles that discuss them in depth. Remember that whenever in doubt, always consult a healthcare professional about your COVID-19 self-test results to ascertain your condition.


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