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Puremed Fish Oil Plus: Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Puremed Fish Oil Plus: Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Plus is a supplement from New Zealand that is rich in natural fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, and vitamin D3. Fish oil is the oil that is carefully extracted from fish tissue. For this particular supplement, the fish oil is derived from a deep-sea fish species, Engraulis ringens, belonging to the anchovy family. For those who may be wondering what type of omega-3s it provides, the Puremed Fish Oil Plus supplies the free fatty acid (FFA) form of omega-3s which can easily be absorbed by our body. To learn more about different forms of omega-3s and how to choose your fish oil supplement, have a look at our other article here. Taking this supplement brings about a multitude of fantastic health benefits which we will explore in this article.

What’s so special about the Puremed Fish Oil Plus?

The Puremed Fish Oil Plus consists of enteric-coated soft gels. Due to a special coating, these soft gels will not disintegrate within the acidic stomach to directly release the fish oil in the intestinal tract. In effect, not only does it ensure that you get the full benefit of the fish oil, but it also prevents fishy burp-back, digestive discomfort, and fishy breath.  

So, why is fish oil important to us? Well, let me elaborate!

Support Heart Health 

Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis from Pexels

Studies have shown that consuming a lot of fish can lower the rates of heart disease. Furthermore, multiple risk factors for heart diseases may be reduced by the intake of fish or fish oil. Examples of risk factors are high cholesterol levels, high triglycerides levels, plaque formation, high blood pressure, and existing heart conditions. Fish oil can actually enhance the level of “good” HDL cholesterol and reduce triglycerides. Moreover, even small doses can help to control blood pressure. Additionally, fish oil can stabilize the plaques in your blood vessels thereby preventing the hardening of your arteries. Besides that, in people at risk, it may even reduce fatal arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms) events. However, it is important to note that despite its many benefits pertaining to the heart, there is no clear evidence to indicate that it can prevent heart attacks or strokes.

Aids in Treating Some Mental Conditions

Fish oil is a marvelous source of omega-3 fatty acids. And guess what? Your brain is made up of approximately 60% fat - and much of it consists of omega-3 fatty acids. So it is no surprise that our body requires omega-3 fatty acids for normal functioning. For some mental disorders, certain studies have suggested that low levels of omega-3 fatty acids may be a contributing factor. To complement this finding, another research also suggested that fish oil supplements may be able to prevent the onset or improve the symptoms of specific mental disorders. For instance, it may reduce the probability of psychotic disorders in individuals at risk. On the other hand, taking high doses of fish oil may aid in decreasing symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Decreases Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the ways our body fights against infections. However, prolonged and unnecessary inflammation can lead to illnesses such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and heart diseases. As fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can potentially help to treat these conditions. Besides that, fish oil supplements are able to significantly reduce joint pain and stiffness in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.


Supports Eye Health 

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Your eyes, similar to your brain, need omega-3 fatty acids to work well. Various evidence illustrates that if you don’t get a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids you have a higher risk of developing eye diseases. Additionally, with age, eye health will start to decline and may lead to age-related macular degeneration. The good news? Consuming fish has been associated with a reduction in the risk of age-related macular degeneration. While it is unclear whether eating fish supplements has the same effect, it is worth noting as a potential benefit.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Your skin also possesses a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. As we go through life, our skin health also declines. Given that fish oil can supply omega-3 fatty acids, it’s no wonder it can also work its magic to maintain our healthy skin. Additionally, there are many other types of skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis that may also benefit from consuming fish oil.


Decreases Liver Fat

Your amazing liver is responsible for processing most of the fat in your body. Liver diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) can disrupt liver functioning thereby causing accumulation of liver fat. Taking fish oil supplements can enhance your liver function which may help reduce the symptoms of NAFLDin addition to decreasing liver fat. 


Supports Pregnancy and the Early Life of an Infant 

Photo by Georgia Maciel from Pexels

Omega-3 fatty acids happen to be absolutely vital for the early growth and development of a child. Hence, it is extremely important for mothers to ensure that they have an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids during their pregnancy and breastfeeding. As such, fish oil supplements are a good option to consider if you would like a rich supplier of omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, consuming fish oil supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding may even enhance the infant's visual development and decrease the risk of allergies as well as childhood asthma.


Improves Attention and Hyperactivity in Children

Your brain has a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, fish oil supplements can enhance perceived hyperactivity, inattention, impulsiveness, as well as aggression in children.


Prevents Symptoms of Mental Decline

As we grow older, our brain slows down, and the risk of developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease increases. Studies have shown that individuals who consume more fish have a slower decline in brain function, however, more evidence is needed to ascertain the effectiveness of fish oil supplements.

Enhances Bone Health

Over time, our bones will start to lose their essential minerals thereby making them more susceptible to breaking. It can lead to developing diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. While calcium and vitamin D are some of the most component components when we think about bone health, some studies have also suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can also be helpful. It was suggested that people with a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids may have a better bone mineral density.


Thinking of trying some fish oil supplements?

We’ve got you covered! Feel free to browse our selection of Puremed Fish Oil Plus for your consideration. But remember, before you take any supplements, always consult a healthcare professional beforehand to ensure that it is suitable for you. 


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