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Trinity Skin Collagen - Your Ultimate Skin Supplement

Trinity Skin Collagen - Your Ultimate Skin Supplement

Some days, we wake up feeling like a bombshell. You feel your bones aching for action and your heart pumping at the thought of starting your day. Then you turn and see the mirror. Now, for some, the reflections of your lovely faces may boost your energy further. But we are willing to wager that for most, particularly as we age, would probably be pulling out a worrying Mulan moment about your skin: Who is that girl I see? Staring straight back at me?


As we age, our body produces less of a substance called collagen which is responsible for maintaining the hydration and elasticity of your skin. So the less collagen you have, the drier and less elastic your skin becomes which can lead to wrinkles. For many individuals, they can still rock those wrinkles! However, the pharmacists in Supplee have worked together to find a solution for those who rather keep their skin looking as young as their hearts. And thus, Trinity Skin Collagen was created! 


Containing 5g of fish collagen peptide along with other clinically proven natural ingredients, this triple action formula can help to enhance your skin elasticity and reduce wrinkly volume after just 4 weeks!


What Do You Mean by “Triple Action Formula”?

The optimal way to take care of your skin is by supplying what your skin requires in a holistic approach. Trinity Skin Collagen not only supplies the right collagen for your skin but also promotes the natural production of collagen. And to add to this, it also suppresses oxidative damage of your skin cells thereby protecting the collagen that you already have. This three-step action enables your skin to be nice and supple!


Collagen and Skin: Tell me more! 

Our skin is made up of approximately 80% of a specific type of collagen which is type 1 collagen. And guess what? The Trinity Skin Collagen contains fish collagen which is the most abundant source of type 1 collagen! As a bonus point, fish collagens are also the smallest particle of all the collagen thereby allowing it to be much easier to be absorbed - in fact, it is 1.5x better absorbed than bovine collagen. Additionally, this formulation uses hydrolysed collagen peptides which means that the collagen molecules are broken down into smaller particles to better enhance their absorption. So, you get your money’s worth with each drop!


What else do I get?

You would think that the benefits from the fish collagen are already ample right? But the Trinity Skin Collage takes it miles further by including various other natural ingredients to promote skin health. Each sachet also contains vitamin E which can improve your skin pigmentation and the ever hydrating pomegranate extract. Our “King of Antioxidants,” astaxanthin is also included in the mix to reduce those fine lines and lighten age spots. And don’t forget our trusty friend vitamin C that is key to making our skin smoother and firmer and apple extracts that are known as a “natural oral sunscreen.” And last but certainly not least, the formulators have not left our Japanese companion, the sakura extracts that help with suppressing toxins that age your skin.


Final Pearl of Wisdom

Thinking of trying it out? We are right on our way with you! As it is meant to be taken orally, do note that this formulation is suitable for both males and females age 12 and above. For ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding, while the formulation is 100% natural, it is important to remember that it can still interact with some of the medications or your condition in general. Hence, it is recommended to have a chat with your doctor just to make sure you are good to go! All the best in your journey to brighter skin.

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